Sunday, March 01, 2020

Gangstalking and Spinal Flexing

A Leap Year moment of sudden and unexpected access to my own blog. It seems that way. I have spent the last three days attempting to get to this blog that I have been writing since 2006 by way of endless and senseless "Google verification" fuckery of unimaginable contortions, re-directions and proportions. You won't get a real person to talk to of course, but for now, and I am not out of the woods yet, I seem to be able to get to this blog and post something. And this is it. I just may not be able to post to this blog again, I don't know.

As this blog and attendant Google Gmail user ID was created in 2006, it just seems they didn't ask a whole lot of details as to how to recover one's account. Back in 2012 when I got my new cell phone account, the cell phone network required me to create a new Gmail account which I didn't want to do because I already had one, and being an IT guy, I instinctively knew having two accounts from the same outfit (Google) would create problems, and I have been absolutely correct.

In 01-2020 I managed to (somehow) get back into this account and reset the password, and now a month later, the Google Gmail/Blogger crowd, (or their puppet masters if you prefer) decided to put me through Google Verification Hell again. My regular password of a month ago, duly recorded on paper, "somehow" just didn't work. Around and around I went from the "default" account (the 2012-created one Google decided) to attempt to get back into this one. Last night I had the inspiration to make the 2006-created account the "recovery account" even if I couldn't get into it with this "verification" password blocking, and as of now, I somehow got back into TIWorld.

It has been a long round of password fucking hell to say the least. Tricks like sending my "verification code" to an email address that didn't arrive was a good trick. Giving me verification codes that didn't allow access, but instead "we are reviewing your account" (code for not happening). Even now, the account that displays on the upper right of this page is the 2012-created account, not the 2006-created account that owns this blog and desperately needs extra recovery information added. I have come to the conclusion that the Google masters have taken nearly every measure possible to stop me from accessing the 2006-created account and this blog by extension, and keep sending me to the 2012-created account which does NOT have this blog attached to it.

So.... why not merge them? Why Google, who likely yanked the chain of the cell phone carrier in the first place which created this account bifurcation fuckery, doesn't have this functionality as stated in their own FAQ. Which to me seems like a tacit acknowledgement that there are two classes of Gmail accounts depending on when they decided to embrace the "mobility" scene and hang cell phone access and all the rest of the data particulars they would of captured from the cell phone network off of Gmail accounts.

FFS Google, just allow Gmail account consolidation/merging so I can access my blog from a single Gmail account. Or this the plan; to screw me out of owning it? Besides, I don't use my Gmail account for regular email as Google likes to read other's mail as a matter of course.

All this was also precipitated by someone messing with the browser settings and not allowing persistent "cookies" which then caused me to log in each new session. Not the end of the world, but that seemed to be the excuse to kick off the latest round of fuckery whereby my password got blocked.

After all that, and while on this blog editing, I cannot get to my 2006-created account to reset the password and add more recovery details. The only clue is that it says "Sign Out of All Accounts" versus "Sign Out of Account". They don't make it easy, don't plan to, don't want users to access their own blogs (possibly selectively), don't have any real people to talk to and don't give a shit. Well done Google; only you could outdo Microsoft for creating intense user interface/interaction vexation. And I am making an assumption it is only you, not someone else jacking me around which is usually the case.

I would of though that going to yoga class would be plenty of spinal flexing and twisting by the ongoing proximate gangstalking tourists for the week, but no, add in the new mobile (tractor trailer) bottling operation and the new hire at the other vineyard, and there is more. The new hire dude, tubby and a little rough around the edges, "just happened" to engage in unnecessary and extensive spinal flexing while in my proximity some 4' away. It was especially noted when I was having an infrequent break in the production line action and he sat down 4' opposite, on the roller conveyor no less, facing me and did lateral (side to side) spinal flexing. And he really got going on spinal flexing when I had a sip from my water bottle. Normally I don't need to keep it near me for this kind of work, but "for some reason" I got thirsty, placed the bottle near me on break, just when the new hire dude was re-assigned from other work further away to work near me on the production line. Funny how that "happens". I have never known anyone to do spinal flexing while on a bottling line before while they are busy handling and packing bottles. First impressions are lasting, and perhaps the new hire dude is going to be one to get under my skin all this vineyard working season. Woohoo, more work adversity, as if I haven't had enough over my working life.

Some time ago, my youngest brother was doing similar senseless spinal flexing nearby at the First Feral Family house, and I told him that is exactly what so many of the gangstalkers do, so therefore, he must be one too. He kind of blanched and ceased flexing his spine, and did so for good. So we shall see if the new-hire bearded-boy has a real need to flex his spine as part of his "natural work habit" or else was he putting on this shit just for me.

At least three others at the bottling line operation could of introduced this new-hire to me over two days, and didn't. Like WTF; why does this shit behavior persist and is so consistent. Even going back three decades, the then-wife, a fully compliant plant, also pulled this shit and I began to wonder if she was being so fucking rude on purpose. Well, as I later found out, she was. The perps constantly thwart, delay and protract the introduction of others in my orbit. Why don't they just get over it, and put name tags on these Fuckwits titled, "Gangstalker #nnn, goes by, xxxxx"? Given that the new-hire dude ranks mid-level on the Unfavored scale (male >20yo., facial hair, fat, a rude ass (as he later demonstrated apart from the aforementioned spinal flexing gangstalker habit) and is full of himself), maybe he will be the upcoming summer-long (co-worker) Unfavored test specimen for incremental inculcation in an attempt to have me "accept" such scum without immediate loathing on first sight.

This new mobile bottling line was a very smooth operation and there was little down time for a change. There was the odd hiccup, as production rate dithering, slowing or stopping it, is another one of the perp's fuckery favorites. With all the production lines on this planet, why do they need to round on me and have them mess up? Well I suppose I am a test subject, and whatever neural correlates and psychic reactions to even work flow is detectable when I am in the groove (everything is going smoothly and therefore I am relaxed some), and then I suddenly become more attentive while the slowdown causes are analyzed, all the more study fodder for all the poor souls on production lines everywhere else. Just my theory of course, but the perp's interests do seem to have a very consistent pattern.

Back to wallet "forget" fucking, now twice in two weeks; both times having me "forget" to take my wallet to the grocery store and only happening to find out at the check out with a full carry basket. Once I got back into my vehicle with the windows closed I made sure they knew I was utterly infuriated. They pulled this stunt maybe 10 years ago in the same circumstances, and now it "happens" twice in two weeks. There have been other wallet "forgets" in the interim, but none where I needed it until this latest eruption of fuckery. Regular readers and possibly other TI's will know the Psychopaths have a long running interest in my wallet's contents, the color of the bills (very colored in Canada) and the cards in my wallet.

Ths Psychopaths were on the rag today, that is to say, they were fucking me with "forgets" and dropping things from my hands far beyond their "normal" harassment rate, which is of course an order of magnitude that would happen to unharassed mortals. Three forced "forgets" on turning the stove burner off/on in succession this morning, then "forgets" on taking supplements (a daily jerkaround now), then again for my Rx, and then extra insane fuckery when attempting to get out the door (boots, clothing, gear) which is a daily battle of fuckery, infuriation and delay. Then later at work, vine pruning mistakes I hadn't made for the three weeks I have been doing it this year, adding the hot-rod muffler noise of passing traffic in considerably greater frequency, incessant dog barking noise from multiple locations, an overflight by a military aircraft that had blackish emanations from it and plenty of helicopters (at least 12) etc. The assholes didn't relent all day, save perhaps the last hour of work. Then on my ass at home, getting the order of things wrong making dinner etc. -likely about 200 infuriation stunts today, well beyond their 80-100 average. What the got into the assholes today?

When this extra infuriation fuckery goes down there is usually a reason, and today "just happened" to be the day I dropped off a shit sample at the lab, and given the Psychopath's intense interest in excrement, it just might of been the event to trigger their insane minds to lay on substantially more fuckery and abuse. Longer term readers may recall when I was about to exit my vehicle at this same lab location with the same sample, they sent a negro on a bicycle at high speed about 6" past my door as I was about to open it. I could not believe it then or now as to how utterly stupid it was for a cyclist to go so fast and so close to street parked vehicles unless of course they were assured that they would come to no harm. This negro Fuckwit stalker could of moved over by 12-24" and still there would of been plenty of room for motor vehicles to get by. Never mind the rarity of negroes in this town, and the even greater unlikelihood that they would of been on a bicycle, excepting street sports events which was not the case. Funny how all these improbabilities add up all the time, isn't it?

And the last month has also been evidenced by increased sleep disruptions; heavy nap attacks after work of 1.5 to 2 hours and longer on weekends, and even throwing in some unconventional sound invasions. On two occasions I was napping, maybe only 15-20 minutes into it and drifting off into a deeper sleep it seemed, when they planted a noise to bring me out of it. This residence has no one upstairs or down or anyone else on any side, and nor does it have anyone else here, and on one of these occasions they planted the noise of someone clearing their throat. I was immediately awakened as there is no one else here, and "somehow" I was also calmed with the suggestion that "it's just the Psychopaths planting a noise again" so that I did not get up. And in this state of heightened and constant threat assessment and reaction to any and all fuckery conventional and unconventional alike, nearly running 18 years now, there is no way my normal self would of not got up and investigated the possible presence of someone in my place that somehow got past a locked door. I believe the second nap noise event was a wall pounding (of no known conventional cause), and as I get these about 6x/year I would of assumed it was them again because of its familiarity.

Funny how the sleep disruptions suddenly came on too; I was doing fine in December into mid-January on this job with 6 hours of sleep and no evening time nap attacks. Then when I switched jobs, why, the sleep disruptions came on and have persisted for at least 6 weeks now.

The weekend prior, the night before going to the walk-in clinic for an Rx refill, why, I couldn't get any sleep "for some reason". Though as "usual" I didn't suffer for the lack of sleep.

The usual situation at the walk-in clinic is to sit around in the waiting area for an hour (or more) with a presumed orchestrated gangstalking scene around me. On this occasion, a five yo. child was staring at me furtively, and twice when I looked at her, she immediately averted her gaze as if looking at me was prohibited. Probably was, but she couldn't help it. As to what she was staring at exactly I don't know for sure, but I suspect I must have some visible emanation about me as I can never figure out why I often get stared at by people whom I have never seen before.

Another Psychopathic campaign this week is to have me feel poorly while at work in the vineyard continuing with the vine pruning.  As if my ADD stimulant Rx never kicked on one day (and I know I took them), another day feeling like I was slowed down and weaker (also not an Rx intake problem).

Then when I get enough sleep (per pre-harassment normal), why, I still feel like hell this week. So just what are they up to and why all this sleep fuckery, which to be fair, had a sudden onset when they first invaded my apartment and went beserk/overt in 04-2002. As one TI reader noted, one may be more psychically accessible while sleeping, which accounts for the instances of more enforced sleep, aka, nap attacks. But also, the revelations of Donald Marshall, if they are to believed, suggests that there is much covert ongoing research to ensure the human clones have a tranferable/replicable conscience/awareness while the parent being is awake. Apparently, the clones do have a conscience when the parent being in REM sleep. An interesting technical issue which may have relevance to the Psychopath's relentless sleep fuckery games that I endure. This being a more speculative notion I usually entertain but possibly very relevant.

Anyhow, I am going to post this in the hope that I can gain access to this blog again on a continued basis. We shall see what the Google Verification Fuckery Maze has in store for me. I didn't expect this one, but as password keyboard entry, desktop and at the checkouts on one's debit card, is another long running Psychopathic research theme, we shall see.

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