Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Confluence of the Ford Escapes


A date with lots of two and zeros, and a single one. A big deal for the number nutz (numeralogists) I suppose. I don't pay attention to that much, though more to 6's and 7's, being a 07-06 birth, and my daughter a 06-07, both in mm-dd format. I had an apartment from 2006 to 2011 that was #607. Funny how that "happens". But I don't try and divine some kind of significance from it, as there is no end to that silliness.

 The tale of the two Ford Escapes today; my fickle friend was permitted to get his vehicle from impoundment 30 days after his DUI bust. In this province, one gets a 30 day vehicle impoundment and a 90 day driver's licence suspension for a DUI. Go figure. And the fuckery over punitive fiscal penalties goes three ways. About $800 for "storage" (aka impoundment), a $500 fine, and $500 "fee" to get your driver's licence back. All because the twit didn't eat with a beer or two glasses of wine in him.

I accept to drive it from storage at the wrecker's yard (aka, impoundment), but when we get there, they tell him he needs an official release. WTF; my friend was in contact with them on the phone two weeks before, and they never said anything. So, off to the provincial government service office, and wait in the Covid line outside. I tell my pal I will wait at home until I hear from him, as it is not far away. Fine.

About 40 minutes later he texts me to say he is inside and service is imminent. I go there, and wait, then more waiting etc. An hour later, just before their lunch time shutdown, he finally emerges. It seems they plain ignored him while inside (a 6 service desk office space), despite the wait-line listing by the guy with the lap top, FFS.

And while waiting, the freakshow around my parked vehicle starts up. The cycling Fuckwit who carries on an half hour conversation with his pals in the vehicle, two stalls away. Funny how all these disparate cats seem to know each other, and converse at length as if they are long lost friends. Other non-natural hair colored freaks loiter outside the government office while I am waiting; like, it is cold out, and only those who need government issued services are hanging around, so why the loitering? I don't know, but it is most peculiar at times. And the Fuckwit plasterer that just "needed" to park next to me when there were about 10 other stalls nearby. He didn't last more than 5 minutes as the line up was too long for him, but the freaks and weirds usually get short shift stalking. And having a tradesman too for whatever reason. I will never forget the "paint men" stalkers, (commercial painters) of the 2006-2011 no-vehicle-allowed Fuckover era, on public transportation (city bus) who would get on board, splattered with paint and sit nearby. Though, not wet paint, but they sometimes stank of thinner. If they were really legit, which I doubt, you think they would stand up.

Though while waiting, I did get to see one young woman begin and end her driving licence test, successfully. She just about blew her back-in parking (her final test item), and managed to pull it off at the last second by going slow enough. Thank goodness for power steering (and practice). Her mother came by and they had a happy hugging moment, replete with face diapers. An "aw shucks, isn't that sweet" moment for sure. (And of course, putting on the "huggies" stalking stunt that seems to "happen" around me, though in this case, I would say it was the least obvious instance to date).

Got to the wrecking yard, and after requesting they move the platform tow truck blocking egress, I drove my fickle friend's Ford Escape. It was full of the same junk, beer cans and other disposable debris as the last bust, when I drove it back to his place. No room in the front passenger seat even. I threatened to drive the vehicle to the dump, so it could all be unloaded at once, but he said he had some personal stuff that he wanted to deal with alone. A missed opportunity to make a new beginning as I see it. I made him take one bag of junk out and put it in the dumpster as a symbolic start.

And while impounded, the vehicle was unlocked, and lo, if someone didn't steal the cover off the interior light. Another WTF moment, as the base with the bulbs had been removed, but was there placed on the junk inside, but the cover was gone. Like, if you want to steal just the cover, don't you just remove it, and nothing else? But as the perps have an unrelenting fascination with lights, lighting, lighting housings etc. from streetlights on down, why am I not surprised. My friend later learned from the taxi driver that there are many car parts that go "missing" from the impounded vehicles in wrecker's yards. Must be another on-demand order side business.

I drove his white 2011 Ford Escape to his street parking location, while the taxi followed directly behind. And plenty of gangstalking vehicles all around, including at least a 15 long train behind. Afterward, we went to his favorite grocery store and I sat in my vehicle in the parking lot (again). I do this, as that idiot chain, Great Canadian Superstore, has made compliance signalling face diapers mandatory. And if I have a chance to duck this stupid shit over a flu that is of less virulence than prior Great Flues (1958, 1967) then I will. Said Great Flues never had the public promotion, scare mongering and the flagrant political and civil rights violating promotion that the Covid-19 does, but hey, it is different times. Such as, "You, dear citizen, are under our heel and we now want you to know about it". Well, I have done my "prisoner in disguise" time all my existence, and if given the chance, it is "fuck you".

So here I was in the parking lot at above mentioned grocery store, and three Ford Escapes, all the same 2011 type body design, arrived in short order, and are facing me for about 20 minutes. And another circled me while waiting for the fickle friend to do his shopping. The closest Ford Escape, an electric blue colored one, was facing me some 30' away, had a woman driver sitting in it all the time, like for 20 minutes. Most unusual, as women don't drive in and sit in their parked vehicles at length, just those loafing males (gangstalking Fuckwits) in my experience. When my fickle friend came back, I mentioned her to him (in the context of looking for an Escape part, in jest), and as he and I began looking at her, she looked at us momentarily, and then she did the perp classic "look away" gaze, keeping her head in place (still facing us) and flicking her eyes to the side as if there was something she heard and commanded her attention (there was nothing). As I read it, she was correcting herself as she wasn't supposed to look at us. I cannot count how many times I have seen this act, but it is so feigned and so consistent, I can only suspect she was catching herself from doing something she was instructed not to. Or just plain maybe that is what they are supposed to do, some of them, usually the more attractive females, that mighty eye roll of purposeful gaze avoidance. Don't ask me why, I'm just the subject.

The vehicular stalking was just insane today, but not surpising given the unusual and rare nature of having driven my fickle friend's vehicle earlier, as I don't usually drive his vehicle. Never mind any vehicle with heaps of garbage in it for months at a time.

And more pit lamping, (headlights being trained on me at an inordinate frequency), now with more emphasis on the facing vehicle turning in front of me, creating a sweeping beam of headlights now, instead of the stationary (parking lots, back lane) or the mobile oncoming vehicles. (Daylight running or headlights are the law here, though there always seem to be a few "exceptions" for "some reason". US vehicles aren't included in the exceptions, though they are presently rare as the border remains closed, now to Nov. 21, due to the Casedemic, aka, Covid-19).

Later, a vehicular gangstalker was tailing me for two blocks, and as I pulled into the gasoline (fuel) station (as intended), why, this Fuckwit did too. He pulled up to a pump, as I had done, and upon seeing this obvious parallel stalking stunt, I drove off. Like WTF; I have never had a vehicular Fuckwit tail me right into a fuel station before. Go fuck yourselves, every one, a bowdlerization of Tiny Tim, and probably what he really would of really said if he weren't being written up for the PC camp of the day.


More disruption stuff coming down; I might of mentioned in an earlier posting that my Good Doctor in Kelowna is no longer returning to practice in the near future, so I am to take my tangled medical matters over my low iron elsewhere. Given that I have not been able to get a GP or an officially sanctioned Nurse Practitioner for nigh 17 years, it leaves a bit of a hole. There was a much politically bally-hooed Nurse Practitioner program, with a centralized application system, but I got nothing from it.

Then my regular laundromat, where I get to speak with the proprietor and staff, that is, real people, is now sold, and the new owners begin next week.

Then my landlord told me a few days later that they are moving to another location in town, citing some minor issues with one neighbor and a recent stolen wallet from their vehicle. But, they aren't selling this place, but will have a near-neighbor stay in the house for 8 months while their house is rebuilt. After that, who knows; hopefully not a psycho-dog owner show like last year's employer, or other unneighborly fuckery. After all, the power and water can be shut off from the landlord's place, and the renter's there could screw me around over that, no excuses needed for abusing TI's, no matter how deranged or frivolous it seems. Curious that, as the Psychopaths usually have me, the Prime Victim (or Subject as they might refer to me), move house, again and again. Like over 60x in my adult lifetime, and 14x since this abuse-athon came down in 04-2002.

[Update, the doctor issues seem to be largely resolved, and I even get a real GP, though in Kelowna, 75km away]. Not that I am a doctor hound, but it is nice to have continuity of care. A term I would use advisedly while being a TI, as the Psychopaths have a level of continuity of "care" (abuse mostly), that is like no other. Why, they know one's next move before I know it, pre-populated with gangstalkers.]

I have been doing some grape picking in a few vineyards of late, and the Psychopaths have yet again, applied their time-worn fuckery of pulling the pruners and/or just picked grapes from my grasp at a frequency far more than any experienced vineyard worker would ever do normally. Just what is the Psyhopath's need to fuck with things in this manner? That they are obsessed with cutting tools and their application is a given, but why do they need to piss me off to such an extreme level for something so innocuous, and that has been done for at least 8 seasons now? Are they utterly insane, or just plain continuously and consistently berserk? Either way, it takes discipline.

Enough for posting, and to continue on with the involuntary shit show.